How We Do Things: A Primer

Our approach to wedding films borrows from our previous documentary process. To paint a better picture of what that means, we've whipped up a neat little primer — a sneak peek of how we work at Good Wolf.

First, we’ll interview you individually for about 45 minutes each. But really, it’s more like a conversation. No cameras, no lights, just a microphone. We’ll use this to tell your story in your own words. Based on the vibe we get, we’ll prepare a director’s treatment that best suits the story we’ll tell your friends and family.

Some time before your wedding day, we'll spend an afternoon taking footage. If you’re having prenup photographs taken, this shoot can happen at the same time. If not, we’ll shoot in your your everyday spaces so you can vividly look back on this time in your lives. This helps us tell the story of your relationship more completely instead of just focusing on the wedding day.

We seldom direct because we want you and your loved ones to enjoy this milestone without the hectic rush of having to pose over and over. We’ll shoot from the sidelines and let things happen as they will. So we ask for your trust; we’ll be present and ready in every moment.

We promise this will be more than a recap. Through your own voices, your guests will have a glimpse of where you’re both coming from and where you want to go together. We acknowledge that some of your guests may only know you from the outside. This is a chance to let them know you on the inside.

We’ll submit a more refined and improved version for you to keep forever or share on social media. We choose and license exceptional music that’s safe to post on all platforms.

Everything comes together to make something like this, but tailored to your own story.

If you have any questions for us, shoot us an email! We love questions.

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