We believe that telling a nuanced story requires attention and care. So we ask for your openness to let us peek below the surface, and for your permission to capture it in the best way we know.


You're the only you around here.

There is no better person to tell your story.

That's why we record a conversation with you, for about an hour each, and spend several days carefully carving this down to its essence — a brief narrative told in your own words.

We do have a few key questions up our sleeves, but just as everyday conversations go in any direction, we maintain no scripts.


In a word — unobtrusive.


Nothing removes us from the moment more than being asked to pose for the camera, or to reenact something in an effort to get the perfect shot. We will ask for no such things from you.

Instead, we will be silent but vigilant observers, capturing the moments as they unfold on their own.


On the editing table, we get to know your words by heart and draw connections with the footage to tell your story in a way that's both honest and nuanced. 


Every story is unique, and the last thing we want is to make yours fit a mold, so it's on us to listen intently and remain curious and open throughout the whole process.

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